Racing Masts in Aluminium or Carbon-Fibre. Cruising Masts in Aluminium or Carbon-Fibre.
Full Standing Rigging Service in 1 x 19, Dyform, Rod or Aramide in factory or on marinas supply, fit and tune.
Full Running Rigging Service - including all Splicing for Halyards, Sheets, Docklines and Anchor warp in factory or on Marinas. Architectural Rigging Service complete service using all in-house skills and up to 16mm swaging.
Lifelines all offshore requirements. Survey - Full Rig Inspections and reports. Furling Booms - Sales, Installation and Service of all leading brands including Leisureful and Reef-Rite.
Yachtspars New Zealand (1988) Ltd
Yachtspars New Zealand (1988) Ltd
F.L.B. Sail Track System - The famous and versatile track system for Mainsails, Spinnaker Poles, and many other uses.
Deck Gear - Layout, Design and supply of all Deck Gear, including Winches, Deck Organisers, Rope Clutches, Turning Blocks, Traveller and Track Systems.
OVERHAULS - Minor or Major Overhauls, returning complete Rig to as new condition, including application of Yachtspars "Supa-Coat" Paint System. Spray Painting - Full Spray-Painting Facility..
Dock-Side Welding - Unique facility for Tig Welding Repairs. Full Welding Service - All Mig and Tig requirements. Dockside Gantry and Full Crane Service. Sandblasting - Specialist anti-corrosive system for all metals. Architectural Division - for the manufacture of stunning Architectural Features and a myriad of other aluminium products - ballustrades, railings, table legs, chairs, louvres etc.
Yachtspars New Zealand (1988) Ltd